Personality Conflict

Conflicts are an opportunity for personal growth

  • Realize causes for conflict
  • Identify what part personality plays in disharmony
  • Detect potential for conflict and learn how to successfully utilise your insights

Content and Topics

Our lives are susceptible to conflict, be it professional or private, internal or concerning living and working with others. Conflicts can permanently influence our professional or private course of life. 

  • Learn to better understand yourself and others (with DISG personality typology)
  • Understand the role of different personalities and learn the benefits
  • Detect conflict potential

  • Review forms of conflict and conflict dynamics
  • Recognize and exploit the prospect of an escalation
  • Learn to deal with conflicts
  • What does conflict-free communication look like?
  • After the seminar, conflicts will have a completely new meaning for you, for they are always the beginning of changes. You are in control about how these changes are formed. Use the opportunity of conflict.


In this seminar, you will not only realize and understand your own conflict strategies, you will also be shown new ways to resolve conflicts through reflection of the various personality types. 

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“The healthy conflict culture, especially, stayed with me after the seminar. I am no longer avoiding conflicts, as I did before.”


Susan Müller, Area Manager at Seifersbacher Land AG, Rossau Germany

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