Personality Intercultural

Use the possibilities of an intercultural environment

  • Realise and understand cultural differences
  • Master intercultural and mediative competencies
  • Discover the importance of clear and simple communication

Content and Topics

“Every man is, in certain respects, a. like all other men, b. like some other men, c. like no other man.“
Clyde Kluckhohn and Henry Murray in »Personality in Nature, Society and Culture«, 1953

By reason of progressive globalisation, the ethnic and ethno-religious heterogeneity is always growing. Everyone of us is increasingly confronted with people of different values and beliefs. Constructive interaction with cultural variety is therefore not only a key qualification for international men of business, but is becoming more and more a core competence of every personality development. Intercultural competence concerns us all.

In the seminar you will learn, among other things, about these main topics: 

  • How to recognise the potential of an intercultural environment and deliberately utilise it
  • What does intercultural competence mean and how can I aquire it?
  • What part are trust, communication, and the ability to deal with conflict playing?
  • Development of a personal potential-overview and the transfer to everyday situations


  • Interactive lecture
  • Topic related keynotes
  • Moderated group discussions 
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Individual quality work on self-concept and self-reflection
  • Evaluation/ Reflection
  • Eden helps to transfer discovered knowledge to ensure sustainability in everyday professional practice

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“I liked the seminar because it served as a connection between theory and practice. The inputs were not too long, but exciting. They helped me to define my position and to come to grips with my personality (character and competence). It is quite helpful to reflect ones life once in a while and to find new approaches. Specifically the openness of every participant impressed me. The coaches had a good sense, to emphasize the essential parts.“

Lorenz Kurth, Eidg.dipl Ing. Communication & Informatics

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