Career, and Life Coaching

Life with a distinct personality

  • Experience the effect of personal and professional visions
  • Discover and unfold your whole potential
  • Learn to live in balance

Do you want to change yourself, solve problems, or increase your general wellbeing?

Constant delivery of top performance is not only taken for granted, but is expected in our modern society, despite continually changing work environments and increasing requirements. To meet these requirements, personal boundaries must be expanded again and again. This kind of expansion creates an inner struggle, and the usual coping strategies might not have the desired effect.

This coaching sets the ideal frame for personal development. You can reflect, learn, and recharge your batteries. We support you in recognizing and realizing your next steps. To do so, we work with field-tested concepts and scientific know how on the basis of positive psychology. We take a holistic look at your life and job situation and work out factors of personal success. Together we discuss and plan goals, parameters, and specific strategies. The coaching process is aimed at independent and autonomous work.

Your personal resources are the starting point to every solution. With methodical reflection and a cooperative work relation, we determine and elaborate your objectives.

Leadership Coaching

The leadership- and management-coaching is about the specific themes and reflection of leadership related requirements from the point of view of an executive. Strains, burdens, changes, and goals are core topics. 

Career Coaching

Career coaching prioritizes career questions for employees of every hierarchy level. The professional support is especially well suited for new work challenges or difficult job and career situations.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about the personal development topics. It is particularly well suited for difficult life situations and change processes, because it sets a frame that allows you to review topics of personal advancement with purpose and structure.



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